Sunday, February 13, 2005

a bit embarrassing, if you ask me.

i used to be a bit of an awards show junkie, but if the past year or two, i've sortof given them up - they're so contrived and i really just want to know who wins. i have no problem going to yahoo the morning after and reading the list of winners.

but last night, i watched the end of the grammys simply becasue there was nothing else on. it was cool, i saw john mayer perform and saw him win for daughters, which i love love love. it's such a great song.

but that whole singalong of across the universe? what a freeking train wreck!! like, people were singing the wrong lyrics. and it had that bad campfire feeling. i mean, that echoing thing? NOT OK. it certainly did not sound like a bunch of people who do music for a living.

don't get me wrong, i think the whole concept was very noble, very we are the world. but my ears would have been happier if they had maybe passed the hat and said, "hey, we know that we're richer than most people, so we pulled out our wallets and collectively gave X number of dollars. if you want to donate too, please do so."

i mean, really! they're handing out gold statues while dressed in designer gowns and they want me to go buy a poorly rehearsed song? something about it just annoys me.

p.s. has anyone else actually heard that ray charles cd that won album of the year? honestly, i think it is way overrated and it has insane pitch problems... i think green day should have won instead.