Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I hate valentines day.

i know it's the day after. what can i say? i'm different.

ahem... and now, the best valentine's card i have ever received.

"I hate Valentine's Day.
I hate not being able to find the right card to send.
I hate finding the right card to send because they might not have gotten me one and then I'll feel like such a fool.
I hate wondering whether or not I should give a gift, and if I do give a gift, how extravagant it should be.
I hat not getting a gift on Valentine's Day, especially if I've given somebody else one.

I hate Valentine's Day.
I hate not going out to dinner on Valentine's Day.
I hate going out to dinner on Valentine's Day, because everyplace romantic has been booked solid for the last three weeks, and if you do by some miracle happen to get in, it's disgustingly crowded and noisy and about as romantic as gym class in high school.

I hate Valentine's Day.
I hate thinking about all the flowers that give thier lives just so someone at the office can look really popular.
I hate it that there's some kid in a classroom somewhere who didn't get any valentines becasue he or she's not popular. I hate it when I don't get any valentines.

I hate Valentine's Day.
I mean it. I hate it, hate it, hate it!

But you I love.


paisley jane said...

wowza!! your updating alot ::)

Vanessa said...

I concur with the V-day. I was traumitized after 4 years of rich girls getting large gifts delivered during class from their rich boyfriends. Gotta hate an all-girls school! Thank the Lord my new boy isn't obsessed with it.
I had to tell you I got my iPod and my iSkins. You rule Jill! Thanks for your advice on getting me hooked up with the best accessories. I also got a Timbak2 pouch to hold it in the car. It looks like a wallet so other people don't know I have the coveted technology!
Hope Boston was/is awsum. I miss it sometimes, but not the snow. Give me a call when you get back...