Friday, February 4, 2005

is there anybody out there?

so, after a long winter, i'm finally starting to feel up to writing again. i know it's technically still winter, but when i get out of work, it's still light out, and we've been having great weather, so for me, spring is coming!!

things have been good!
work is good - found out today that everyone in the office is getting a merit increase. hello raise! i've been waiting for you!!

holidays were good - had my annual holiday party which was a smash, and spent chrstmas with the fam at the beach, as usual. got a new camera, which is very exciting.

new year's was goooood - spent the evening in SF eating ridics food and having way too much fun with my friends. stayed up until almost 6am and crammed 7 people into a tiny hotel room!

birthday was good - 26 is the new 25, y'all! went to SF again, this time with Danny and Donna, and had fun eating REALLY good food at Asia SF. i even met up with Tracy, who i have not seen since HIGH SCHOOL. it was awesome.

and now it's february, and i am getting ready for a trip to boston to visit Donna and see the sights. hopefully the weather will not be too lame - i'm not so good with the cold and trying to see boston while it's dumping snow will not be fun! but i'm really looking forward to the trip since i've never been there before.

but before i leave i have to get an entire corner of my bedroom cleared so my dad can hang a shelf while i'm gone. so we all know what i'll be doing this weekend!! hah.


Trinity said...

Yay! You're back! I'm glad you're posting again - you've been missed! :)

dramabug said...

thanks, Trinity. i'm glad to be back. ;-)

renee said...

i was wondering when you were going to update your site again. looks good :)