Friday, November 28, 2003

unemployment rules

it's been 1 week since my last day at the job from hell, and i can honestly say that unemployment is cooool. i've been enjoying myself for the past week, visiting with friends, shopping, eating way too much turkey, and mostly SLEEPING. i only felt caught up on my sleep yesterday. that's what hard core exhaustion can do, kids.

got my hair cut on wednesday. no photo, but i can say that it is short. shorter than last time, i think... when it's curly it's just about sholder length, a little longer when i blow dry it. lynn (my awesome stylist) always does a great job. she flat-irons my hair before i leave, which look sooooo good but i can never manage to do it myself... i can never reach the back.

in other exciting news, i got a call back on a job application i put in today! it's the only place i applied that i think i'd actually *like* to work. it's only a holiday job, but that is actually cool... if it sucks, i have a defininte end date. i'm going in on sunday to talk to the hiring manager, so think good thoughs for me!

well, tonight the old high school gang is supposedly going bowling. i haven't heard anything for a few hours, so we'll see. in the meantime, back to cleaning... my house needs some serious attention.