Wednesday, August 21, 2002

fire water burn

if i have to keep alphabetizing files for much longer, i'm seriously going to vom.

and i've got all kinds of things to say, but i can't really blog from work, and by the time i get home, sitting at the computer isn't first on my list.

uh, first, the big fire at santana row. it was insane - santana row is right by the intersections of three major south bay freeways, two of which i drive on to get home from work. luckily, i know all the city streets like the back of my hand, but it still took over an hour to get home, when it usually takes 20 minutes. it's kinda sad... santana row was going to be a huge reatil and housing complex, now it's just a big pile 'o' nothing (as shown by their construction webcam.

mmm, 10 minutes until american idol. my money's on kelly. i can't wait to buy her album. (and no, i'm not kidding.)

most exciting, though, is this... about 4 years ago, i bought a pair of surplus flare jeans at the gap that they promptly discontinued. of course, they were the cutest, most comfortable jeans i'd ever owned. it got to the point where i coudn't wear them wthout tearing a new hole in them. i've been trolling ebay for months looking for a new pair in my size, but no luck. then tonight, i went to old navy... and they ressurected my jeans! the flares aren't as big, but they're basically the same... it made my day. seriously.


Dyanna said...

It'll definitely be Kelly! I'm also so excited for her debut CD!

addie said...

so what is the name of the style of the jeans? i have to have flare as well... i am always on the look out for another pair for fear that mine will disentigrate (i cannot spell and am not in the mood to bother)....

Shawn said...

Oh the files and the computer dread! I remember that feeling as if it was only yesterday. Actaully, it's been 3 weeks since I felt that way. :sigh:
Cool on the jeans! Nothing feels better than a broken in pair of jeans.
As for American Idol, I can't get into the whole thing like the rest of my family but I have a gut feeling Justin will win, which I'm not too thrilled about. Something about him doesn't seem right to me.