Thursday, August 15, 2002


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man, i'd forgotten how much working full time sucks ass. i get up at the ass crack of dawn, go work for what seems like forever doing menial (but important) work, come home, run errands, eat dinner, check my mail, try to blog, and i never seem to get to bed as early as i'd like. it's rather tedious, but i got my first paycheck today, so its' all good.

been listening to a lot of radio paradise at work... have i ever mentioned rp before? everyone should check it out... it's a 24 hour web radio station that plays "intelligent eclectic rock". it's run out of paradise, ca (no joke) and has a constantly updating list of what's currently playing! i've been keeping a notepad on my desk where i write down all the artists and songs that catch my ear. notable new listens:

dishwalla - opaline
nick drake - river man
nickel creek - reasons why

i'd highly reccomend downloading these songs... very mellow and melodic, perfect getting-ready-for-bed music. also go listen to radio paradise, and donate a bit if you like it.

got a call today about a job i applied for about a month ago, going to an interveiw on sunday morning(!!). i like where i'm working now, but it's out by the san jose airport, and it's only temporary, and the job i'm interveiwing for is literally 8 blocks from my house in SC. god, that wold be so great. think good thoughts for me, ok?

john mayer show tomorrow in berkeley.... i'm totally excited. not only do i get to spend the evening with two of my favorite people (debbie and katlynn), but i get to have smart alec's for dinner and drool over a beautiful, talented rock star. should be great. ;-)


GoalieGirl said...

Thanks for the tip on Radio Paradise, I've been listening to it all day. It's perfect for "at work" listening -- not too intrusive, but not lame-o "classic soft rock" either. :)
[listening to David Bowie's "Heroes" on Radio Paradise.]

Cressida said...

I highly recommend the entire Nick Drake opus.
How 'bout them Phish?