Saturday, August 31, 2002

jobby job

so, i didn't want to post about this until it was a done deal, but hey!! i got a JOB!!

it's pretty sweet set up - close to home, good $ (hourly wages, lots of overtime and commission!!). i figure with overtime i'll make an extra $250 a month... which is great, i can pay off my visa and start hoarding. i figure, if i just keep pretending that i'm poor, after a few months i'll have a good amount of money in the bank that i can live off for a few months should something happen. then i can start buying stuff... i really want a digital camera and a new computer, and i'd like to go on a little spree at ikea and buy some nice new stuff for my office... a chair, tv stand, cool lamp, etc. plus, with a regular income, i can finally afford to join the gym... i'll just spend the winter working my ass off.

mmm, the new coldplay cd is good. go get it.

um, what else? the VMA's were a digrace. everyone looked terrible. april lavigne is annoying as hell. britney looked like a dominatrix. p. diddy is one big, terrible joke. and christina (who i love) made me want to cringe. her skirt was basically a wide belt, and i wouldn't even call that a shirt. and what was with the ghetto accent? was she high or something? *shudder* i'm glad john mayer didn't win the award he was up for... he should steer clear of mtv in general, since it apparently is a black hole that likes to suck talent out of people. i'm not even going to go in to the whole GNR thing. ha. guns n' roses my ass.

the only good thing bout the whole night was justin's solo debut. that guy is going to be the next michael jackson. seriously.


paisley said...

oh hunny ! i hear ya on all that -saving money -the gym - and the damn vma's !!