Tuesday, September 3, 2002


nothing better than sitting with my cat, listening to a new cd (guster!), eating chocolate covered cashews.

speaking of guster, i totally forgot to comment on the guster/john mayer show a few weeks ago! we got there about 2 or three songs into guster's set and the place was horribly crowded... but we managed to find a decent spot. i might be spoiled, but what is it with people who come to shows to fucking talk??? i swear to god, it's the number one most annoying thing about concerts... people talking. why pay close to 100 bucks for tickets, parking and bad beer to not even pay attention to the damn show?!? ok, end rant. other than the chatty audience, the show was great! guster was pretty damn good... the drummer plays with his hands. john was amazing of course, although i was slightly bummed at the lack of non-album tracks. the tenacious d 'tease' was great, as was the van halen and inxs covers. overall, the show rates an a-. if guster is in town again, i'll definetly be chekcing them out, and of course, i'll be seeing john mayer every chance i get. ;-)

ok, i really should sleep some... i work long days and i'm still not used to it yet.

p.s. kelly will win. kelly will win. kelly will win.


meegan said...

i just got john mayers cd. i had only heard a couple of his songs so i wasn't sure if i would like it, but he is great.