Monday, August 12, 2002

interesting weekend...

interesting weekend...

spent saturday night at the boardwalk with imelda, ebin, marcie and matt. we played pool, and then headed to the arcade where we played pinball and video games and laser tag. then we sat on a bench, which was across the street from a hotel, and there was a girl just sitting in the window, watching people walk by. we all waved at her, and she waved back. i'm not even going to go into the strange and bizarre stories people were telling while we sat there. ;-) we did see a wedding party walk by, which was neat, and it was a really nice night, cool and misty.

sunday i just relaxed, worked on my editing job, had sushi for dinner (mmmm)and stayed up a little later than i should have, considering i had to get up at 6 am to come to work today... that's earlier than usual, but it's worth it because it mean i get to spend sunday night in sc instead of sj.

so i hop in my car, a few minutes behind schedule, get nearly to the summit, and come to a dead stand-still. turns out a big rig with two trailers full of dirt had overturned about halfway down the mountain on the sj side, and they had closed the road. luckily i was at a place where i could turn around, so i did... there was no way i was going to sit on the road for hours waiting for them to clean everything up. luckily i have a cool boss who also commutes from sc to sj, so she was stuck as well, and very understanding of the situation. so i hung out at home, did dishes, and headed over to work once the road was clear, which was about 1:30. it sucks that i missed a bunch of work ( i need all the hous i can get, becasue hours = $$ ), but i went to town for lunch, and drove around for a bit with my sunroof open and all my windows down, which was great.

of course it was 15 degrees warmer in sj, which was gross.