Thursday, August 8, 2002


this is so exciting.... i'm blogging from work! i'm working at a company in san jose for an undetermined amount of time, doing data entry, filing, odd jobs, etc. it's so great to be back in the land of the gainfully employed... i might actually write here more, because there's actually interesting things happenening now. beacuse, really, who wants to read this over and over...

"got up and looked for work today, but didn't find anything, so i watched six old eopisodes of law and order and attempted to clean my room."

boring, huh?

but that lifestyle is on hold for now... i don't even mind staying weeknights at my parents house, becasue i might actually be able to pay off my credit card! hooray!

anyway, tonight i'm going to E&O with yan and donna... i'm salivating already! it's one of those places that is so incredibly good, but a bit expensive, so its' a special occasion kind of place... but yan's moving to philly on sunday, so i think this counts as a special occasion. (if you go to their website, they have a recipie posted for their corn fritters, which are absolutely heavenly!)

random thought - who do you think will win american idol? i'm voting for kelly, because she can sing circles around all those other people, and she's not all arrogant like justin. discuss.


Dyanna said...

I'm hoping it's Kelly, too. I'm really glad Christina got eliminated last night, but I don't think RJ did well this week. I love him though... he's so cute! I think Nikki will be cut next week. Too bad,... she's fun! I must admit, I like Justin, and I think he has a great voice. Tamyra has a wonderful voice, but she's almost *too* good, ya know? I'm addicted to this show!!!