Wednesday, June 5, 2002

all sorts of stuff!

laura's back, with a great new design, and as always, great links that i would never see otherwise... i've always wondered what i'd look like as a resident of south park! (the skull is my little tribute to metal steve over at diesel sweeties, my favorite web comic.)

rehearsal tonight went well... we did some filming for the drama wrap-up, which was fun but moderatly painful because it was so hot. i mean, it was hot in santa cruz, but it was even worse when i got to san jose. donna told me it was the hottest day of the year so far. i wanted to die. hopefully it will be cooler here tomorrow... all i know is that i'm really happy that i dont' have to go back to the valley until next week. the slurpee i had around 10:15 was nice, too, although it probably would have been a lot better about 4 hours earlier. ;-)

and what is it with the assholes on highway 17? tonight, i had someone following behind me so close, i couldn't see their headlights, and another guy who insisted on driving right next to me in my blind spot, so i was basically stuck for a good 500-750 feet. i couldn't get into the other lane at all... i wanted to just slow way down so i could at least get over, but then the asshole behind me would have swerved around me and cut me off. i swear, people need to chill the fuck out.

i didn't get around to posting yesterday, so here are the highlights.... sushi at pink godzilla with donna and milena, walking through the ghetto arcade at the boardwalk, seeing a cute shirtless guy in the window of la bahia, and watching 5x20 (even thought i missed the last 5 minutes, which is the best part!)

*yawn* well, it's my last day of work tomorrow... i should crash, so i can at least pretend to be productive. ;-)


leblanc said...

you know jillian, i like to read your page, but i just cannot STAND that pic of those dorks from the x-files.
new graphic, please. ;-)