Thursday, June 6, 2002

my summer plans

so, i have decided what i want to do with my summer and i'd like to share my plans with y'all.

i want to read all summer. i'll just stay in town, get myself a steady stream of new books and just read all the time. no work, less tv, less computer, more reading. more music too. i'll sleep in, read the newspaper with breakfast, read non fiction before lunch, short stories in the afternoons, cookbooks before dinner, eat fabulous gourmet dinners, and good fiction at night. i'll read at home, in the forest, at the beach, downtown, on the pier, in my bed, on my patio. it'll be great... i'll finally be able to catch up on my reading list!

of course, the whole paying the rent thing will probably impede these plans... but it's nice to dream!


meegan said...

your plans sound great! but why is it that paying rent always seems to get in the way of things?!? to be independently wealthy...