Sunday, June 2, 2002


i'd like to start this entry by stating the fact that i hate imac keybords. the damn things just don't work well, they skip every other letter and they're too small. ok, moving on...

today i got up at 6:15 a.m. i can't even think of a time in recent history that i got up that early on purpose and actually stayed up (and no, the time i just stayed awake all night doen't count!). so now it's not even 11:30 and i'm getting ready to crash, and you know, i dont' think i've been to bed this early in a long time, either!

the weekend was really busy... working all day friday, working with the youth group kids on the musical all day saturday, then going on a safeway run and watching harry potter, going to bed at one, getting up at 6, singing at 8am worship, going to costco, going to coffee with yan, going to a barbeque and then watching the tony awards. i decided to save gas and stay in san jose, so i've got an empty day tomorrow... i think i might go over to valley fair and scope it out... the last time i was there was almost a year ago and i want to scope out the new wing. i'm not sure why they keep adding stuff... there's already no parking and the mall is bigger than a small city. oh well... i figure a monday morning is the best time to check it out - who knows, i might find a parking place in less than a half hour! ;-)

oh yeah... welcome back to cali, d!


leblanc said...

you can replace an iMac keyboard very easily ... i have a Macally iKey board and it's FANTASTIC. i suggest switching. and get a Logitech laser mouse. :-)

renee said...

i have the macally iKey as well. however, i guess you both use/used the original iMac keyboards, the more recent ones come with the apple pro keyboard, which i think is nice. the apple pro optical mouse is very nice too :)