Friday, May 31, 2002

behind schedule

i'm about 30 minutes behind schedule tonight... i wanted to be in bed by 12:30, but it looks like it's going to be more like 1. oh well, i'll survive.

i'm getting ready for work weekend with the youth group... when we all head to an unfamiliar church to hammer out all the kinks in the musical. i'm slightly unprepared... i'm woking on props inventory lists and costume lists and packing and laundry and finding correct lyrics to the songs.... i'm sure i'm going to forget something and i hate that feeling!

i can't beleive that we're leaving on tour in a little less than three weeks. i'm really excited for a lot of reaasons, one being that i haven't been further south than sb since '99. i'm stoked about going to disneyland, and having dinner with danny. i'm hoping o get to meet up with some of the old irvine crew, too. plus i think the musical is really good this year, so that part's going to be fun too. ;-)

ok, must pack.