Thursday, May 30, 2002

a cool breeze

long day at work. i can hardly beleive that a week from today will be my last day there. on that note, any of you locals know of good places that are hiring?

today was really hot... hot enough so that when i returned home tonight it was actully warmer inside than outside, which rarely happens here, becaue my house is in the shade.

now, i don't open my window often, because we have overzealous gardeners and the smell of feshly cut grass makes me sneeze. but it was a little too stuffy in my room, so i opened up my window and pulled the curtain back. i realized that the way i have my room set up, this allows me to work on my computer, feel a nice cool breeze, and enjoy the view out my window at the same time!

so now my room smells all cool and fresh, i'm all relaxed and ready to get down to bills and paperwork. joy. ;-)