Sunday, June 23, 2002

from the road, part 2

from the road, part 2

i'm sitting here with lyg (hi, ericalynn!) in north orange county in a amazing house that could almost be called a mansion. i can't even begin to describe how amazingly cool it is. i wish i had a digital camera so i could upload photos, but you all will have to take my word for it. jaw-droppingly amazing. everyone else is downstairs playing pool, but i suck at pool, so i figured i'd come upstairs, check my mail, pack for disneyland tomorrow, etc.

*fun tour tidbits*

late fees are collected and kept in a giant blue plastic piggy bank, to eventually be used to fund our cast party. the pigmasters, eric and robert, are talking about what incurs fines over the bus loudpeakers. every minute you are late costs 50 cents. if you're caught swearing, it costs 50 cents per word. if you break a commandment, it's a dollar. so adultery, murder, disrespecting your parents, it's all a dollar. however, disrespecting an adult sponsor will result in having your arms torn off by pigmaster robert, whio will then beat you sensless with them, and hide them in a high place where you can't reach them. aaaaaaahahahahaha!

on the bus, eric is taking roll and instructs everyone to answer with an animal sound. we get the generic cats, dogs, birds, etc. when eric calls blake's name, blake squawks "AFLAC". he won.

on clear com, i was talking about how i was touching up my henna tatoo with a black ball point pen. mark replies that now it's no longer a henna tatoo, but a penna tatoo. me and erika almost die laughing.

you can re-write just about any song lyrics or titles using the subject of spam (you know, the kind you buy in a can) and it will be really funny. for example, 'you are my hope' becomes 'spam on a rope'. tee-hee!

ok, back downstairs i go... i think i'm going to let someone beat my ass in pool... should be fun!


ericalynn said...

hi LYG! i miss you guys!