Thursday, June 13, 2002

trashy, trashy, trashy

so right now i'm watching one of those trashy lifetime movies... 'too young to be a dad'. those always crack me up... they're strangely intriging, in a horrible, wonderful way (on a random note, everytime i watch lifetime, i think of a guy i used to know who called it 'dyketime', which is ironic becasue i think he ended up coming out a few years after high school).

speaking of horrible, wonderful, trashy things, who else has ben watching american idol? come on, admit it, i know you are!! seriously, that first episode was one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time. i've come to the conclusion that mediocre singers know they are mediocre, and bad singers think they are god's gift to the world. my personal favorites - the guy who sang bohemian rhapsody, the girl who sang 'whatever god put in her mouth', the girl who sang lady marmalade like it was an opera song, and the girl with the attitude who was dressed like a hooker and had horrid bleach blonde har. needless to say, i'll be taping the show while i'm gone... ;-)


paisley said...

ohh i like !! this is a sassy layout :)

miss ellen said...

hehehe, i watched it. i admit it, even listed it on my "recent" section of my blog - geek!
however, i have to say i was a bit disappointed in the 2nd episode. it just didn't reach that level found in the 1st episode.
i'm pulling for the kid from chicago (duh) with the two deaf parents - he's got a great story, pretty good looks & a fairly different sound. go jim!

laura said...

oh my god jillian. i seriously can not get that "gitcha gitcha ya ya da da" out of my head. it was a nighmare. the guy who did "american pie" was pretty damn funny too. i loved all the people who were horrible, called out on it and then said stuff like "excuuuuuuuuse me?? oh, i know i can sing."
my favorite is the guy who made paula abdul cry when he sang. he's cute and he sings in this bizarre, original way. in terms of the girls, i like that tall girl with the poofy hair. obviously, i haven't paid attention to any of their names.