Sunday, June 30, 2002

back home!

man, is it great to be home! actually, i've been home for a few days, and i've just been getting stuff done that i should have done before i left! cleaning my kitchen, organizing my desk, sorting through my video tapes and cd's, as well as unpacking and doing laundry so i can pack again for western states (man, i can't seem to keep myself away from that youth group!)

my trip was fabulous! i twisted my ankle the first day out, which is so typical, but it was really mild and i was still able to do everything with the group - but i got out of unloading the trailer every night! yahoo! one of the real highlights of the week was the museum of tolerance in downtown los angeles... it was really well done and a very moving experience. disneyland was great, too... i was really disoriented when i got there, because everything has changed so much since the new park opened! the whole fast pass thing is cool. and i managed to do just about everything i wanted to do! the new fireworks show is awesome, and i had a really great time hanging out with all the other sponsors... tom, rita, kristi, mark, chris and rick. ;-) mark gets bonus points because he went on my favorite ride with me.. the alice in wonderland ride (no, not the teacups, i hate those!).

of course, now that i'm home i've got all kinds of stuff going on... i've got to get ready for western states, i'm looking for a job, plus my computer decided to crap out on me, so i have to back up and reformat tonight... ugh!

anyway, it's great to be home, even if it is only for a few days. ;-)

oh! here are the clarifications for amy: the mansion belonged to members of the church we performed at on that particular evening... they were out of town but opened up their home for us to stay in while they were gone (their son let us in and all that). AFLAC is... well, have you ever seent the commercial with the duck that says AFLAC? i think it's for insurance or something. and LYG is my little buddy... we met in philly while i was visiting ericalynn and he got to come home with me! you can see a photo of him here.


Imelda said...

I went to the Museum of Tolerance quite a few years ago and it freaked me out, mostly the Holocaust portion where you had to walk through this fake, dark replica of the concentration camps with barbed wire and brick walls ... freaky.

d dogg said...

hey there. hope you're having fun as an undercover security officer. realized i hadn't seen the page since you updated everything! looks great. well, just wanted to wish you a happy 4th!! have fun at G.A. today and stay away from the scary hoochies. ttys! call me when you "get back" donz