Friday, July 5, 2002

western states!

hello from the wsyg! i'm having a great time... our youth group is helping to staff the event as well as attending it, so we're working security, which is a blast. i'm staying at a classy hotel, walking all over downtown san jose, seeing great speakers and hearing good music. however, it's really hot, i ran out of money, i can't find a washington mutual, and i just broke the antenna off my new cell phone! grrrr. otherwise, i'm having fun. i'm going to a workshop later today about the simpsons and religion... should be interesting, to say the least.

on an unrelated note, i hate job hunting. i did one interveiw, have one scheduled, plus i applied for my dream job! i'm hoping at least one of them will come through, becasue, like i said, i hate job hunting. while sifting through the classified i saw an ad for a position at a company i temped at last summer... good thing, too because now i know not to apply there. ;-) anyway, if anyone knows of available jobs in santa cruz, be sure and let me know... i could use all the help i can get!


kristiv said...

Good luck with job hunting. I hate it as well. I start work on Monday, my dream job which unexpectedly popped up long after I had forgotten about the company. So best of luck, hope the right jobs comes along soon (before you lose your sanity over the classified ads).

meegan said...

ugh! i would rather go to the gyno than hunt for a job. good luck!