Thursday, July 11, 2002


so, there is really, honestly, truly, nothing going on. it's really hot, and job hunting still sucks frozen hose water.

i'm glad to be back in santa cruz, and i can tell you, i don't plan on using my suitcases again this summer. i love going to cool places and doing cool things, but i hate hate hate living out of a suitcase.

the gathering was a blast, but there is one thing that just boggles my mind... there was lots of good music, and everyone was... clapping along with everything. *shudders* i'm a firm believer that clapping during music events should be done sparingly if not at all... of course, unless the band asks the audience to clap along. here's an example... at the last session, salvador was playing... they're from texas, they've got a very latin sound, very upbeat, good music, cute lead singer. me and two of the girls ran down to the floor so we could be closer, and i'm looking forward to dancing my tush off, and everyone stands there clapping. during every song. oh well, at least everyone had rythym. ;-)


leblanc said...

one thing is going on -- amy and finn are moving down there to SC today!!!! i'm going to miss them so much :-(