Thursday, March 17, 2005

pinch me, please

i was attacked by the carpet cleaning machine and have only recently recovered!!

ok, that's a bit of exaggeration, but i have been really busy. the carpet cleaning really was long and involved, and i think i will be sucking the cleaning powder out of the carpet for the rest of my life. but the carpet looks FANTASTIC. i also 'inherited' two bookshelves for my living room and a corner shelf for my bedroom. this is good because the shelves i have are overflowing. hopefully i can get my stuff moved in to them sometime in the next hundred years. ;-)

i've been spending most of my time this week working on a redesign of the photoblog. I decided to start all over... i think i'm going to move to the 'one shot a day' format. I really like the idea of trying to come up with something every day.. it will be a big challenge because i mostly spend my life in 4 places (home, work, youth group and mom&dad's house). I will be re-evaluating the stuff I already have and re-posting a lot of it eventually. but the photoalbum style was not really what i wanted in the first place and the challenge of getting a whole series up at once and in a timely fashion was a PAIN IN THE ASS.

the actual design is that thing that is causing me the most greif, though. it's interesting, because i used to be very proud of my design skills, but now i would much rather paste in a cool looking template. I can't bring myself to go back to tables but CSS is confusing and i just can't seem to grasp it. but i think i did come up with something that isn't a direct ripoff of anything, although it is going into the very popular grey background thing. whatever, i was sick of the white background and i like that way the colors look on the grey.

so anyway, new photoblog tomorrow or saturday, i think. i can't wait! ;-)