Wednesday, March 2, 2005


i have been slacking on the blog thing. but now i am slacking on the moving-stuff-so-i-can-clean-the-carpets thing so i can end the slacking on the blog thing. phew!!

i was really really happy to get back from boston. not becasue i didn't like boston, because i totally did. but becasue i wanted AWAY FROM THE COLD. i mean, really, how can people tolerate it? :-) but good times were had by all and i'm hoping to go back in spring of '06 so i can actually go to boston commons and enjoy being outside.

i think one of the worst things about the cold was how hard it was to take pictures. it was hard to push the little buttons with my gloves on, so the gloves had to be taken off, and most of the time the photo i wanted was just not worth it at all. so i didn't take nearly as many photos as i thought i would. but i go some good shots, and i'm hoping to get them up on the photoblog soon.

i've been revampig the photoblog, increasing the size of the images so people can actually see what's on them. and i've been formatting photos since august and then not posting them, so i have a ridiculous number to back post. i've been slowly making progress. 3-4 a day until i'm caught up doesn't seem like much but it's SO HARD.

yesterday was a weird one - left work after an hour due to a terrible migraine and slept from 9:45 until nearly 4 pm. it totally threw off my internal clock, but i would rather have insomnia than a migraine any day. then i found out that Alex is gettting married (congrats!!) people keep asking me if i'm ok. I'M OK. really, we dated more than 10 years ago, if i wasn't ok i think there would be something wrong with me. all i know is that i'd better get an invite, if only for all the relationship advice i gave him in college. ;-)

I just got a new CD in the mail from England yesterday - Bell X1. (it was only $16 to order ii from the UK, where amazon US wanted $34 plus shipping! as if!) anyway, the CD is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. you all should order it from the UK. or buy it if it's ever released here. because it is great (link to your right!!). other new cd's are all on the right as well. it was a good month for music.


Vanessa said...

UK CDs! What company did you buy them thru? Amazon is a fortune now that the Euro has taken over the dollar. You must share the source.
And now you know why after 2 years of snow I was ready to come back to Cali. It's just insane the additional effort it takes to live in very snowy weather! I am glad you had fun though. Boston in the spring is the best but it doesn't warm up until mid-May...just when finals are. One of those cruel coincidences!
Hope to talk to you soon! How are you coming along with the dramas?

trace said...

i just realized i can syndicate your site! =D
welcome back to civilization. i'm thinking about going to boston or nyc in may/ may be too hot though, huh?