Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I am running out of titles.

I just watched love actually, which is possibly the cutest movie i've ever seen. although i do with things had worked out differently for laura linney.

i finished the new photoblog. all three of you who read this should go check it out. i know there are only 4 photos up, but give it time! at one a day it will get full pretty quick. i've been seriously considering ditching the written blog and moving entirely to a photoblog. then again, i've only been completely obsessed with the photoblog for a few weeks now, i should give it some time and see if i stay obsessed. also i should wait and see if i can keep getting interesting photos. there are only so many shots i can take along my day to day travels. maybe it will force me to stop being such a hermit and get out more. then again, i might go out more if it EVER STOPPED RAINING. oh my god, so much rain, i can't take it anymore!

on a random note, can anyone suggest some cool things to see in vegas? I'm headed there for a weekend next month and would like to try to get some intersting (non-casino) photos.


d dogg said...

The best thing in Vegas is the roller-coaster at New York New York!!!! When I went with danny & j, we rode it twice in a row even tho the wait was forever. so much fun.
it's been so long since i was there, though, and i don't know anymore the cool spots to hang out. as they say, don't miss the buffet! ;-)