Saturday, September 11, 2004

oh, the pain

i woke up this morning at 7:54 am with a migraine. this is the WORST THING EVER. back in the days before Excedrin migraine (a miracle drug) migraine would basically put me out of commission for the rest of the day. suffice to say i missed a lot of school. but now, if i start getting the little floating blind spots that precede the BLINDING PAIN and NAUSEA i can pop some pills and then just feel slightly icky. but if the migraine starts in my sleep, the preventative drugs don't happen and i wake up feeling like i'm going to DIE. the only thing to do then is take pills and sleep it off, but have you tried to go to sleep during the day with crazy light sensitivity and the worst pain in you head you ever felt? it's not easy. note easy at all. somehow i managed to fall asleep, but i don't know how, my cell rand a few times and there were people splashing around in the pool next door, which was annoying. i wanted to open my window and scream at them, but that would have been bad. bright daylight and screaming = not good for migraines.

but now i am feeling marginally better. At least, i feel ok enough to sit at my computer writing and listening to Paula Abdul without feeling like i'm going to vomit (from the migraine, not the paula abdul, silly!)

actually, the paula abdul is pretty cool... it's taking me back to 1991 when we used to stay in at lunchtime and put on paula abdul and janet jackson and the party and make up really bad dance routines. it was like a little sixth grade dance club, with 5 girls dancing to bad pop music with the lights on. it was good times for sure.

i found this cassette (CASSETTE!!!) during the massive housecleaning over labor day. my mom came over and we moved some stuff around in the master bedroom, cleaned up the clothes bomb that exploded in my room, and i got a bunch of stuff in bags to sell at the flea market. i actually THREW OUT CLOTHES. my friends will know what a big deal this is. i still have tons of clothes from HIGH SCHOOL, people. clothes that don't even fit anymore. i still kept a few old things that don't fit (but you can bet if they did, i'd be wearing them) but i got rid of about 6 bags of stuff. today i'm going to make another pass through the closet, and take down some boxes from my closet and hopefully get rid of some of that stuff. I have my little mermaid collection up there. that's going to be hard, trying to decide what is really worth keeping, and what is just just mass produced trash that wouldn't even sell on ebay. should be fun to go through everything, though.

so, i had a totally groupie moment at work yesterday. my favorite photographer came in to my work, and right before he left i did a little gushing about how much i love his photos. he was so nice, and told me that he had just hung a bunch of stuff at a local coffee shop, and that he was going to have a booth at the local art and wine festival next week. it was way cool, and i felt like a dork. then a few minutes later he came back, handed me a calendar, and left!!! i geeked out for the rest of the day. it was the coolest. i hope someday i can take photos that are ever 10% as amazing as his are. beautiful.

well, while i've been sitting here i've gone from feeling queasy to being STARVING. grilled cheese, here i come.


d dogg said...

I'm sorry, I just do not believe that YOU got rid of clothing?!?!???????? THE WORLD IS OFF-BALANCE! HELP!
just kidding. tee hee. it's a great feeling to finally clear stuff out, huh?
sorry about the migraine. I KNOW how it is.

heather said...

hey there !
i remember reading your blog like three years ago, when you had the strawberry shortcake design... i think i got it off of :) anyway i just stumbled back here randomly and thought i'd leave you a comment and say hello.. and that migraines suck ;)
and don't worry about the paula abdul.. my first cd was ace of base and i still listen to that thing. ;)

Vanessa said...

How are you (besides the crappy migraines)? We lost touch again this summer. I never heard how tour ended!
I have a photo of someone I think we both know. I want to see if I am right or crazy. What is your e-mail? I can't find it on this page... at least not yet. E-mail me when you get a chance!