Thursday, September 30, 2004

come on, RAIN ALREADY!

if i EVER learned my lesson i'd be going to bed right now instead of posting.

wednesday i woke up at 7:54 am, 6 minutes before i was supposed to leave for work. YEAH, that was good. luckily i never actualy leave at 8, so i knew that as long as i was pulling out of my driveway by 8:13 i would be ok. i was only 3 minutes late , which was some sort of miracle. of course, i never quite woke up, and then i got a migraine. it was sooo annoying. it's been a bad month for migraines. oh well, i hadn't really had any for a while, maybe i'm just getting them out of my system.

today i overslept again, but not as late. i still had plenty of time to wash my hair and make a bagel. however, i did leave the cream cheese on the counter, which pisses me off. not olny becasuue it was a wast of a brand new cream cheese, but when i was at TJ's, they were out of light cream cheese, so i 'HAD' to buy the regular kind. i was really enjoying that real cream cheese!!!

it's getting darker earlier, and i'm really not looking forward to driving home from work in the dark next month. grr. and it was all gloomy this week... when it gets all overcast and misty like it was today, i wish it would just rain. i love the way things smell after it rains, i love coming home and putting on fleece and turning my heater on, i love listening to the rain outside my house, but i HATE the weird anticipation when you think it's going to rain but it doesn't.

so come on! RAIN ALREADY! plus i'm a little dissappointed... all these earthquakes and i haven't felt ONE. boo.


Vanessa said...

Real cream cheese! I know the feeling. Yummy goodness!
I woke up over an hour late the other day because I completely slept thru my radio clock alarm. The end of my dream was really weird with a band covering Los Lonely Boys and a discussion of the Emmy's which was put in my head by Jamie and Danny on Star 98.7
So I feel you! Hope you are well!

Unknown said...

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