Tuesday, August 10, 2004


for some strange reason, some websites that i read won't load. they load on my parent's computer, but not mine. i've tried a couple different browsers, too, with no luck. that, and today IM won't load. what the hell is going on?? this is disturbing. i am LOST without IM.

saw The Whothis weekend. it was good times. Pete Townshend did that arm-swinging thing all night, which was amazing to me! yeah, he's been doign to for a few years (heh) but to always hit the strings, to not bash your hand into the side of your guitar once or twice? amazing if you ask me. Roger Daltrey looks awwwfully good for his age.

fianlly bought a new printer. it's about damn time, i say. it's an HP photosmart 7260. so far, works like a dream. but then again, so did my last printer until it BROKE, with no hope of repair. grr. but the new one is good times. i can finally print 8*10's and 5*7's of my photos! whee!


donzzz said...

WHO-ray for the Who! I *love* them. I would've much rather seen them than the Spin Docs. ha ha.
Also, yay for new printers, BOOO for browser/comp problems. Any progress?
SEE YOU SOON!!!!! (tomorrow night?)