Thursday, August 5, 2004

stream of conciousness.

i am so totally obsessed with a favor house atlantic by coheed and cambria. i hear it, and realize that the singers voice should annoy the hell out of me, but it doesn't. great song. great song.

i spent a few days in SF earlier this week for training for my new job. it was goooood tiiimes. i wouldn have preferred it if i'd had someone to hang out with, but whatevs. SF is the bomb. my company put me up in a nice hotel, i got to take a nice walk to the class (15 blocks! and i walked!!!!) and they are gonna pay me back for my food. wheeee. after i walked back to my hotel the first day, i bummed around for about an hour, and then pulled out the phone book to look for some edible food for dinner. it was then that i realized that i was close to the cable car line that would take me to the financial district and THE FOUR STORY OLD NAVY. and VIRGIN MEGASTORE. and SEPHORA. by then it was getting dark, and there was no way in hell i was riding the cable car into downtown ALONE and in the DARK. so my bank account was safe, but damn. i wanted to go to old navy!! heh.

found out last weekend that one of my closest friends is a FANTASTIC photographer. he was never big on photography, so this was a bit of a shocker. it inspired me to pull out my camera, which i had been ignoring since i got back from my trip in June. I didn't take many photos while i was in SF, because i was alone and a little paraniod that someone on a bike would ride by and snatch my camera, but i got a few decent photos while walking around. i'm going to upload them tonight to three by fives, along with a bunch of photos from last time i was at disneyland, and maybe even some from when i was in AZ. we'll see. everytime i think i'm going to post photos, i end up slacking. bah.

this weekend is going to be totally nuts. i'm spending the evening with my mom and grama tomorrow, then seeing the who on saturday night, then shopping with my friend H. on sunday, and then going to a play sunday night. dishes? laundry? BAH! heh. i'm just resigning myself to the fact that my house will never be clean.

last but not least, i'd like to announce the opening of WWW.ABREEVS.COM. I'm sure some of you have noticed me talking about abreevs and wondered what it was... well, now you can find out! learn the history, see a list of common words, media sightings, get your most pressing questions answered, and best of all, learn how you can speak abreevs and incorporate it into your life! you can also submit new words, sightings, or jsut leave a comment. Abreevs Dot Com was whipped up in a few days as a birthday gift for Danny, the king of Abreevs. it was fun (and a challenge!), so i hope you enjoy it.


Davy said...

I like that Coheed and Cambria song, like, the first time... then I hated it... even worse when I found out my brother had the whole darn album.
It was ever a shorter hate-voice process than the love affair I had with "The Darkness" earlier.

dramabug said...

yeah, i'll probably go the same way at some point... i loved the darkness too, but now i'm over it. but for now... wheee. loving that song!! ;-)