Wednesday, August 11, 2004

breaking, broken

today was a huge day at work, we were having these big meetings all day, and how do i kick it off? i go out to leave for work and my car WON'T START. thank goodness my boss was totally cool and understanding, and didn't freak out at all!

this was a nice change from crappy retail job... when my battery went dead one morning my boss FREAKED out and gave me a bunch of crap. i should have expected as much, because crappy retail boss was a loser, but it still made me feel bad.

i'm still a little freaked out about the battery, because it wasn't like any dead battery i'd ever had before! the radio still worked, the lights still worked, the keyless entry still worked! i was freaked out that it was my starter or something. but it was just a dead battery, and i only ended up being 20 minutes late for work, so no big. plus, my boss said not to freak out if it happend again tomorrow, which was nice. another co-worker even gave me her number in case it happened again, so she could pick me up on her way in. how nice! my new job is so nice!

IM is still not working. this is driving me NUTS. internet still works, obviously, but some web pages won't load. it's not a random thing, either... it's the same few sites constantly (and i KNOW they're still online). any thoughts/suggestions? because not having IM is KILLING ME. it's saving me time, but it's KILLING ME. ;-)