Sunday, August 22, 2004

awol no more

so, i've been slacking lately, but i've been busy! but i'm goign to listen to my friend Liz, who said, 'update your blog!!' heehee.

last weekend started with a visit from donna and a whirlwind trip to LA. we left friday at 2:40 pm, drove, partied, slept, ate and drove. we arrived back at donnas house at 6:00 on saturday. total - ~27 hrs. RIDICS. but it was worth it to see the look on jason's face (we drove down to surprise him at his going away party). it was great to see the gang in LA, too. i only wish we had been able to stay one more day, but we were on a tight schedule.

sunday me, donna, cynthia and jason (who followed us up to SJ the night before) got lunch, and then i FINALLY got to see garden state, which was just as good as i had hoped, if not better. it's a GREAT flick. go see it.

last week was boring. i worked and slept mostly. but friday i got a call from debbie, who had a ticket to see the lion king in SF. her boyfriend was sick, could i make it? HELL YEAH. it was fantastic. definelty as good as everyone says. very sensory oveload, though. if it comes to a town near you (heh) you shoudl all go see it.

yesterday me and debie went to the mall, where i finally caved in to my intense, burning desire for cool electronic toys. yup, I BOUGHT AN iPOD. it is the COOLEST. for real. while at the mall, we also had ghiradelli sundays, which just topped off a great day. then dinner, and home to play with the new toy. whee!

today was boring. i stayed in my PJ's all day, which was nice. but now i'm frantically doing a load of laundry so i ahve clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow. ha. so like me. ;-)