Thursday, August 26, 2004

neslee tollouse

every time i make cookies i think of that friends episode where they're trying to figure out phoebe's grandma's secret cookie recipie and it ends up being the nestle tollhouse cookies.

i'm actually not baking right at this very moment, but i need to hurry up and start soon... one of my co-workers has a birthday tomorrow. plus i've been talking about baking for about three days and if i don't hurry up and bring in some cookies, i think i'll get mobbed by an angry hoarde.

i can't wait for the weekend. i want to stay home and sleep in and stay in my pj's all day. i'll only get dressed to go see garden state again, or to go out and get the mail. i'll take a nap in the middle of that day, on saturday AND sunday. i'll work on the baby blankets for C. i'll listen to a lot of good music. i'll catch up on my olympics and clean out my tivo. and on my way home from work tomorrow i'll go to trader joes and pick up some lemon sorbet and i'll be the happiest girl ever. ;-)

i loves me some lemon sorbet.


donz said...

I'm gonna have to join you in your weekend plans. I am sooooo tired from this week and can't wait to just VEG this weekend. ttys, also!