Thursday, July 22, 2004


i want an ipod SO BAD i can taste it.


so this is where i beg with no shame.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me get my ipod.... go here and sign up. use a yahoo e-mail or something, and sign up for AOL or Ebay or anything you want, then cancel it. but remember! you have to complete one of the offers or it won't work!

i only need 4 people to do this. only 4!

it's not a scam. it worked for this guy. and if you want more info you can go here (he has a way to sign up for ebay with no creditcard needed, too! cool!).

once you sign up, run with it! send the link to your friends, and get an ipod of your own! plus they just added the brand new 20 gig ipod!

if you help me get my ipod, i'll help you get one too... i'll post your link on my IM and on my site!


< /grovel >


Manda said...

hi! :) i got to your site from my site referrals (must've been a blogsnob link). I saw your plea to help out with the ipod thing, and I signed up for it, so hopefully it helps! :) if you'd like to return the favor, here's my link: :)

SeXuaLSoYBeaN said...

Hey, I found this site that is very similar to freeipods, but you get a free flatscreen instead!
The site is:
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liz said...

Sexual Soy Bean??? What going on here Jill?!?!