Monday, July 26, 2004

i love my job

i love my new job. i really really do.

firstly, it is less work for more money. that is always a good thing.
secondly, everyone there is SO nice. not a mean one in the bunch. really.
thirdly, the days FLY by. unlike retail where time inches on S.L..O...W....L.....Y.
fourthly, i found a pair of shoes that are halfway decent (meaning i don't want to cut my feet off by the end of the day).
fifthly, did i mention that it pays more than all my previous jobs?
sixthly, i dont' even think these are real words.

ugh, it's time for bed. i'm still not used to this going to bed early thing. whatevs, it must be done! eventually i want to be up early enough to make my lunch in the morning. right now i barely have time for breakfast. hee.


liz said...

you can always make your lunch the night before....

d dogg said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy that you are in a job that you like and that you're making more muns. YOU DESERVE IT! And it's so important that the peeps you work with are cool. I swear I could do any old shit job and still be OK as long as I had great coworkers.
As for making lunch... the closest I've been able to come is to grab a yogurt, apple and string cheese in a flurry on my way out the door. *sigh* Good luck. ;-P