Monday, July 19, 2004

good day, bad shoes.

my new pants are too long (aah the perils of being 5'2) so i wore my boots with the small heels.


oh, the pain. the horrible excruciating pain! note to self: get new shoes. either that or hem pants.

job is great, people are nice, drug tests are demeaning, brown hair is better (on me, at least), and getting up at 6:30 is not as hard as i thought it would be!

no problems going to sleep tonight, though. i'm so beat! zzzzzzzz....


liz said...

Ahhh...peeing in the cup. And they have the nerve to tell you not to wet the rim. The RIM? Your entire hand and every squre inch of the cup gets wet. If God wanted us to pee in a cup, he would have....
(I couldnt think of anything funny any guesses?)