Saturday, March 20, 2004


for the first time in over a month, i'm working the whole weekend. like, 8 hours today, 8 hours tomorrow. and 5 hours yesterday.

not like it'm complaining, because i'm not - i need the money. but my boss has had me scheduled so sporadically tht i haven't worked 3 days in a row since christmas time, and i'm not used to it.

plus, working on the weekends just sucks in general. especially since the weather is so fabulous, and i have tons of writing to do for youth group, which i haven't started. instead of working, i'd much rather be home, with the windows open, working on writing the dramas with a good cd and a smoothie.

but instead, i'll get dressed and head out into retail-land to ask people if they found everything ok, and if that will be credit or debit. ;-)


Liz said...

....well I finally found your website. I think that we can keep in touch better this way. Are you at Disneyland? I miss finding you at work...