Thursday, March 11, 2004

a parade of dead pets

... that's what one of my co workers called my life when i told her that my frogs (Jack and Karen) died last night.

but when i went to give them a little froggy funeral tonight, i realized that Karen was still very alive! so thank goodness for small blessings - at least *all* my pets aren't dead. My little froggies were/are getting up there in years... i've had them for at least 2.5, maybe 3 years? how long do frogs live, anyway?
well, Karen was always the bigger, stronger one, (that's how i could tell them apart) so we'll see how much longer she hangs around. she fought with me when i tried to take Jack out to bury him, she was jumping at the spoon and trying to bite it and just getting in the way. I think she didn't want me to take him. ;-(

so now little Jack is resting under a bush just outside my front door, where i can think of him every time i go outside. i'm going to go get a little ceramic froggie or something to put out there too, as a little memorial.



D said...

I'm sorry Jack passed on, but I hope Karen will continue to do well and keep you company! I had frogs when I was younger, and I remember being very sad when they died (one at the paws of my cat, no less!). *hug*

Allison Tuthill said...

Jillian, please get in touch with me right away. You're not getting the e/mails or something. I know you post here regularly, so I know you'll see it.