Monday, March 8, 2004

no more dust bunnies!

yesterday i got all productive and cleaned my office. and when i say i cleaned, i mean it.. i was shredding like crazy, and i threw out a ton of papers that were super old. like, old receipts that i shouldn't have saved in the first place, since i paid for said items in cash, ATM receipts from when i was with wells fargo - over 2 years ago! along with a few assignments from when i was in college, which now that i think about it, was also more than 2 years ago... wow, has it been that long?!?

but it was actually a nice way to spend my afternoon, it was a beautiful day, and i opened my window and listened to the new norah jones cd, which is very very good. and now there are no more dust bunnies to make me sneeze. i still have some finishing touches, but for the most part, everything is off the floor! hooray!!

i even moved some furniture to make room for a new desk/storage thingie that i'm getting from my mom (hopefully). i'm glad i did it last night, too, because i realized that my plan would not work at all, so i moved the couch back to where it was and started coming up with other ideas. i wouldn't have any problems if the window in here wasn't GIGANTIC and right in the middle of the wall.

on the social front, today looks like it will be a good day... i'm meeting a friend at the mall today to window shop, then i have youth group (where hilarity will ensue, as usual) and them a friend from work is going to come over to watch a movie. so I'll be busy but at least i won't be locked in my house the way i've been for the past few days..... ;-)


meegan said...

there is something very cathartic about shredding old papers.

carol said...

you know, babe, if you ever want any help rearranging furniture ....