Friday, January 30, 2004


so, no new phone for me.

apparently, you can only use the promotions that are offered by verizon every two years, but they say you can do it up to two months before your contract is up, because people get antsy and want their new phones.

apparently, i don't hit that mark until TWELVE DAYS FROM NOW. by then the rebate on the phone i want will be gone. i might have to pay full price, or look for another phone that might not have the features i want. in my opinion, this is a GIANT LOAD OF CRAP.

i console myself by thinking about how two weeks from now i will be carousing with my best buddies in LA, eating sushi, sightseeing and getting my picture taken with mickey. ;-)


donz said...

OH NO!!! Verizon sucks ass. ;-( You will get a rad new phone eventually, I know it! If it's any consolation, I'm stuck forever with stupid SAMSUNG p.o.s. Guh.
Off to show Amanda the city of Boston... call you lates...