Thursday, January 29, 2004

i love new toys!

i am so excited... if all goes well, tomorrow i will be the proud owner of a shiny new LG VX6000 camera phone!!

i'm really more excited about the other features on the phone, the camera is just an extra goodie... i am glad to finally have an alarm (my last phone didn't have one... so annoying) and it's got the kind of phone book where you can have one name with a bunch of numbers and e-mails attached. my current phone just lists everything... like, D's house, D's Cell, D's e-mail, D's # in boston, etc. Hate that.

I think this is the same phone that one of my friends has, and hers has this neat thing where you can take a pic of someone and it comes up when that person calls you. that's pretty cool, too! ;-)

i'm so funny, i have this obsession with new, cool tech toys. I need tons more money to keep up this habit... anyone want to give me some ? ;-)