Friday, February 6, 2004

cancellation sucks

i watched the last episode of ED tonight. this was a bit depressing because ED is one of my favorite shows ever. The final episode was really well done, i think. I'm just annoyed - with 'reality TV' crap getting all the press and attention and ratings, good shows are getting cancelled and ACTORS are losing their jobs. you know, people who train for years to learn their craft and consistenly have to struggle to find work. so, basically, instead of watching real artists, america likes to watch people make asses of themselves under the guise of 'reality'.


i've been living a very solitary life this week... i've spent the past three days at home watching a lot of Star Trek TNG and history channel. to keep my brain from turning to complete mush, i did a dry run of my taxes (getting back $550, which is less than i anticipated, ugh) and balanced my checkbook (i have about $12 to my name right now! fun!). I also started a cross stitch... the first one i've done in a long, LONG time. It's an angel dressed in purple with big wings. i don't even know how long i've had it sitting in my closet... a long time, i think. i work on it while i watch tv (actually, i listen more than i watch) and i've finished a big chunk of it.

i have to go back to work tomorrow which will be a bit of a shock to my system, but i'm cool with that since i get to pick up my paycheck (which i'm worried will also be less than i am anticipating). at the very least, my rent is paid for the month, i went to the grocery store, and all my vacation money is set aside already.

and in one week, i will be in Hollywood with my best friends in the whole world.

Life is good. ;-)