Wednesday, July 30, 2003

work sucks.

today was one of those days at work that just never seemed to end. it just dragged on and on and on and as the day progresssed we all just got tired and worn out and by the end of the day no one was even trying.

we're really understaffed right now... i've been working weekends for over a month now, which isn't too bad, i still get 2 days off, but weekends are only 4 hour days, so my paychecks have been smaller. monday i complained about that (the cutback in hours) and hey! today my problem was solved.... we're losing one of our co-workers to another office for at least 2 weeks, so now we all get to work 6 days a week.


thank god i have the next two days off, or i'd go insane. i've worked the past 6 days in a row. i am so tired right now i can't believe i'm even typing this. i barely had the energy to heat up my leftovers for dinner tonight.

on a happier note, becasue i did good in my sales in may (gak. i hate even writing that. i hate working in sales SO MUCH.), i won a $100 macy's gift certificate! so yesterday, i went to the mall and bought ralph lauren towels. on SALE. they are pink and turquoise and soft and BEAUTIFUL. then when i went to pay, i found out that they were taking off the sales tax, so i still have $10 left on my gift card. plus i'm about 99% sure that i will get another $100 this month, plus a $50 bonus! although i probably should consider that $50 already spent since that's how much i spent on new books yesterday. ;-)

OMG, i actually just fell asleep at my desk. lol! ok, i'm going to go curl up in bed and listen to some simon & garfunkel and fall alseep reading the new ethan hawke novel and sleep FOREVER.


D said...

Congrats on the bonus! Please let me know what you think of the Hawke novel. I considered picking up one of his first ones (can't remember the title), but I never did get it. :)

Addie said...

Congrats on the bonus - more companies should think they way yours does. And sleep is good - I love sleeeep. I want more sleeep....