Sunday, August 10, 2003

wide open spaces

back in the day, when i bought my first computer, i was amazed at it's huuuge 4 gig hard drive. i recall my dad telling me, 'you'll never use up all that space'.

three years later, when i moved into the dorms at ucsc i discovered the joy that was the ethernet, and with it, the coolness of etree! i could download phish shows off the internet and burn them myself! no more b&p's! needless to say, that 4 gig hard drive seemed awfully small all of a sudden.

it was about time for a new computer anyway, and with the help of a $750 computer grant from ucsc (!!!) i bought my current computer, with a 40 gig hard drive. 10 times biggger than the last one... i'd really never use up all that space.

wrong again... the other day i realized that my hard drive was full. and since this time i didn't have a chunk of money to buy a new computer, i went to costco and picked up a new 120 gig hard drive. after 3 days of backing up my files, i took my computer apart only to realize that i needed more stuff to install the hard drive... then once i got it in the computer and all connected, it kept telling me that there was boot disk failure... but i got it working and now i have 2 hard drives with 152 gigs of space. ;-)

this is monumental for me in other ways... i remember being so scared of the inside of a computer.... worried that i would break something, so i was always getting other people to install stuff for me. but now i've installed a new hard drive with no help, and i feel like i've come such a long way. ;-) i love being a geek.


Bjoern said...

I remember having a 4 MB HDD. Actually, my very first computer had 8 KB (yup, K!) RAM and used my stereo for "mass storage". That was fun...