Thursday, July 24, 2003

dead men tell no tales...

so tonight, i finally forced myself to get in the car and drive to the movies to see pirates of the carribean. it's one of my favorite rides at disneyland, so i was super excited to see the movie. in my opinion johnny depp was born to play a pirate.

when i got to the theater, i found out that thursdays are 'family nights', so i got a ticket for $4.50!!! i never go to the movies because it's too damn expensive, but now i'll be headed out every thursday... with such cheap tickets i can actually afford to get popcorn and junior mints. ;-)

the movie was great... it had awesome special effects, johhny depp was amazing... i've read reviews that he seemed more like a drag queen than a drunk pirate, but i didn't think so... maybe it was just all that eyeliner. the movie was long, but i wasn't bored at all. i liked the little bits from the ride that they put in the movie... the part with the pirates in jail, trying to get the keys from the dog... and where geoffrey rush says, "avast, ye bloomin' cockroachers!". being the huge disney geek that i am i totally recognized those parts. ;-)

i am all over the $4.50 movies, though. maybe next week i will go see legally blonde 2.


D said...

Sweet deal! I wonder if they have those kinds of specials here in Phoenix. I must investigate! :)

leblanc said...

hm. i need to check out when the family nights are around here. i simply will NOT pay $9.50 to see a movie (unless it's an indie film and i feel i need to support it....). good call!