Monday, July 21, 2003

only in santa cruz....

while riding the giant dipper tonight, i was two cars behind an older man and his girlfriend that were actually smoking pot on the ride. for real. like, you could see them passing their glass piece in the photo they take of you going down the second hill. i mean, come on... who smokes pot on a roller coaster?!?

*shakes head...* yup. only in santa cruz.


leblanc said...

if we *had* a roller coaster here in berkeley people would do that. i've never been on the roller coaster down there, and neither has Amy S. we need to do that next time i visit.

me said...

yeah, i guess if there was a roller coaster in berkeley that would happen a lot. ;-)
and you've never been on the giant dipper? oh my goodness, you definetly need to ride it! it's by far the best roller coaster i've ever been on. ;-)