Sunday, July 20, 2003

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week in review -

monday - still reeling from phish, i made the trek up to concord to see the counting crows and john mayer. this is cool because i couldn't afford to pay full price to see them at shoreline, but then i got super cheap lawn tickets for concord, which is a great venue, but is far away and 100 degrees at 7pm. ick. got in to the venue right as maroon5 were finishing their set (boohoo) and grabbed a spot on the lawn. counting crows come on, and they are even better than i had imagined. i've loved the crows since their first album came out in 1993, yet i had never seen them in concert before. they broke out friend of the devil, which was positively gorgeous. debbie just about had a conniption fit. we decided that that song alone was worth the price of admission. we were very annoyed by these two drunk girls next to us who were being totally obnoxious. john came out to play his set and the girls got more annoying, so we yelled at them until they left. actually, debbie went over an politely told them to shut the hell up, but i would have preferred option one. debbie kept saying, 'i want john to bust out some phish!' i was laughing, thinking, yeah right, fat chance! so during neon, him and the guitarist from maroon 5 are trading off solos, and what does john do? he breaks out into the opening riff from STASH! me and debbie freaked out. it was so so so cool. ;-) those two events made the concert more than worth the price of admission (7.50 each!). this was the third time i've seen john mayer in a year and a half, and i'll go see him every time he comes within 150 miles of me. ;-)

tuesday - day off. went to target, costco. came home. read 375 page book. went to bed.

wednesday - after work, met up with the kids from youth group at the boardwalk. rode the giant dipper, the carousel, the bumper cars, and, because i'm totally stupid, the teacups. i am way too old for that ride. but even though it made me ill, i still had fun!

thursday - another day off. stayed home all day. was nice.

friday - sucky day at work. came home and collapsed on the couch for a while, them me and my sister went down to the boardwalk to see TIFFANY. yes, that tiffany. we shoved our way to the front, snapped some great photos, and sang along to "i think we're alone now". my inner child was so so happy that night. now all i need is to see debbie gibson in concert and i will be complete! ;-)

saturday - work again. then me, my sister and a couple of her friends went to see superbooty! everyone was dressed all funky and the show was very good. i will definetly be seeing them next time they come through town.

today - after only i few hors of sleep, i drug myself to work, then drug myself home, and forced myself to say awake so i wouldn't totally screw up my sleep schedule. and now, i think i've tortured myself long enough! time for bed!! goodnight! ;-)


Dyanna said...

Aside from the sucky day at work on Friday, it sounds like a great week! Tiffany - I'm envious... that sounds like much fun! :)

Shawn said...

Sounds like a fun week. :)