Monday, July 22, 2002

unemployment sucks

i never realized being unemployed was so boring! plus, i am getting so sick of job hunting. i mean, there's only so much you can do every day when it comes to looking for a job, and the job market here in santa cruz is awful. i've got a few callbacks to make tomorrow, and i'm going to go register at another temp agency that i just discovered. i'm just hoping i find something soon... i hate being broke. i have been using a bit of my time to help donna install movable type for her new blog. her site isn't live yet, and we're still working out some weird kinks, but it's fun!

tonight was jean's birthday, so i went down to her house, and i got to see a bunch of people i haven't seen in a while! there was lots of talk about shakespeare santa cruz... just about everyone there has seen some of the shows already, or is planning to see them soon. the only one i really want to see is the seagull, but even the cheapest shows are $18, and of course, being unemployed, i don't have $18. i'm going to try and get in for free... i know a lot of people working up there, and i may be able to sweet-talk my way in. i just can't believe that working my ass off for ssc for almost 5 months entitles me to nothing... as far as i'm concerned, the pre-season work is harder than the stuff that goes on during the actual season. oh well... that's university bureaucracy for you. and i'm really looking forward to the blogathon... four more days!


d said...

so, are your comments working? my MT is dead. i don't know what to do. sigh.

zel said...

Sorry for the off topic comment. Details of the Post a Poem competition open for all Blogathon participants can be seen on the front page Up for grabs is free domain registration and 20MBs of webspace for a period of one year. Spread the word. All the best Zeli