Thursday, July 25, 2002

good day!

today was a good day, and that's not just because i'm eating a bowl of haagen-dazs right now (although that doesn't hurt!) .

my friend liz invited me out to her house to pick blackberries, so i hopped on highway 1 right at rush hour, and drove the 20 miles out to corralitos. i'd never been to her house before, so imagine my surprise when i discovered she lived literally in the middle of nowhere! her house is cute, though, and they have a big garden where she grows all kinds of great stuff. i actually pulled a carrot right out of the ground, washed it of, and ate it. it was possibly the best carrot i've ever had! she also has beehives, grapevines, and of course, blackberries! i picked a few handfuls, and came home with those, four giant zucchinis, and a bunch of stuff from a local fruit stand... they had broccoli for 79 cents! can't beat that. on the way home i stopped at the glaum egg ranch and got some eggs from the singing vending machine. yes, a singing vending machine... you put in $2, and you get 21 fresh eggs, and the vending machine plays this hysterical song, of chickens clucking along to a big-band standard. i'll never use all 21 eggs, but for $2, i can't resist.

i think i'm almost ready for the blog-a-thon, too! i've decided to do a theme day... i'll be focusing on mixes, posting a different mix with cover art every two hours, for a total of 13 mixes! i'll also post tips and strategies for good mix-making, as well as any random stuff i think of.

and because i'm a geek and can't resist cool geeky things, you can now listen to my blog over the phone, thanks to the tutorial over at just call 1-800-555-TELL, say extentions, and enter 11479. you'll hear the five most recent entries read to you. spiffy, huh?