Monday, April 15, 2002

new phones, and other things

well, it's been a busy few days... i've been working a lot (that's good, i need money really bad). however, i have today off, which is great, because i still have about 10 thing on my to-do list that i need to cross off by the time i go back to work on tomorrow. my two main goals today are to finish my mix for burn, baby, burn! and get down to the post office to mail them off. the mix is almost done... i have to get about 4 more songs and then figure out the order. it's really diffferent from mixes i've made before, but in a neat way. i'm going to post the tracklist and cover art next week (to give the mixes time to make it through the mail... don't want to ruin the surprise!)

saturday was a long day, but i got to take a break between shifts to go meet up with imelda, marisa and ebin. we were all exchanging mixes, and it's nice to finally meet everyone! it was weird walking around town, wondering if one of them was in line behind me at longs or something. ;-) the mix imelda gave me is great... i especially like the live version of once in a lifetime by the talking heads. (the tracklist for the cd i made imelda can be found here.)

i got a new phone the other day! i've had my old one for over two years, so having a new, fancy phone is so exciting. i finally have text messaging, and now that it's finall working, i'm having fun with that.

i'm also cat sitting this week for skinny... my mom's going out of town, and skinny gets really lonely and stops eating when my mom's not around, so she made the trip over the hill to chill with me. right now she's sitting next to my desk, chowing down on stinky stinky cat food. it's good to have her here, though... i love cats and i've really missed having one around the house.

ooh, ooh, ooh! remember when i was saying that my friend danny was going to be in the new jewel video? well, apparently it's finished, and you can watch it here. he's the singing army guy in the very beginning. (here's a photo of us, i have flowers in my hair, danny's right behind me.)

ok, off to the post office!


matt said...

Jillian, I can't wait to get your Burn Baby Burn mix disc. Will it come with a lovely strawberry scent?