Tuesday, April 9, 2002

i love furthurnet!

i've got to sing my praises of furthurnet, which is one of the coolest internet things i've found in quite a while. basically, it's a peer to peer, gnutella-like program that offers live, legal music to download. since last night i've downloaded 6 complete shows - 2 bisco shows, 2 john mayer shows, 1 vida blue show and one sc hemp allstars show. in less than 24 hours. so so cool. i'm not quite sure how this cool little program has floated by under my radar for so long, but now that i have it.... i'll probably need to buy more cdr's. or a bigger hard drive. ;-)

of course, i'm going to reccomend that folks use it to check out some live john mayer, which is awesome (he gives a killer live show!). but it's also cool because i can check out new bands, and it's way cheaper than a concert ticket.

i lost interest in trading for a little while there, becasuse mailing blanks out was such a pain, but now that i can download shows with little to no effort, i'm more likely to check out new artists. so a questions to all my phunky, live-music-loving friends... who should i download this week? i need some new grooves!!


Imelda said...

Hey Jillian, I sent you an email about us local bloggers meeting on Saturday. Lemme know if the time and all are cool :)

marisa said...

hey jillian! see you this afternoon... thanks for that link, i've got a barenaked ladies show being downloaded right now :)