Sunday, April 7, 2002

blogger insider 1

this is my first go at blogger insider, and i got paired up with dyanna of Here are her questions and my responses:

1. hi! first of all, why strawberry shortcake, aside from the fact that she's cute and her line of toys smelled so yummie?
well, sometime last fall i bought a cute sweatshirt with strawberry shortcake on it, and it had the little tagline "life is delicious". i thought that was really cool and profound, and that had a lot to do with my decision to do the design.

2. did you ever choose some cds to get with your free cd vouchers? tell us which they are if you did!
well, i don't have them money to pay the shipping, but as soon as i have money, i'll be ordering:
bjork - post
reality bites soundtrack
annie lennox - medusa
madonna - like a virgin
o brother where art thou
diana krall - stepping out
ladysmith black mambazo - best of
ben folds - rockin the suburbs
tom petty - full moon fever

3. you love phish. how were you introduced to them, and why do you like them so much?
my first introduction to phish was in high school, when my best friend donna was singing 'catapult' (from the picture of nectar cd) over and over and over and over. for my birthday, she got me the hoist cd, and it was all over! i saw them that summer at shoreline (7-31-97), which was an amazing experience. i'm not sure i can explain why i like them so much, but let me say this - listening to phish makes me happy, and seeing them live gives me a feeling of complete and utter joy.

4. you're a "must see tv" fan. i love the new show, leap of faith. what do you think about it?
i'm not quite sure about that one yet. i think it's got some really funny moments but the whole premise is really overdone. you know, the whole 'friends dealing with work and sex in manhattan' thing. it's not that i don't enjoy shows like that, hell, friends and will and grace are two of my favorite shows, but i think its been done so often that the show needs to be really really funny to get off the ground. laep of faith has potential, but i think it will probably go where all the other 8:30 shows have gone....

5. you listed a bunch of your favorites, but you didn't name a favorite book. if you're like me, you have more than one favorite, so tell us which your three favorite books are.
oh god, this is a hard one! let's see... the bridge across forever by richard bach, the handmaid's tale by margaret atwood and siddhartha by herman hesse.

6. say you're abducted by aliens and they allow you to take with you three non-living items of any size. what do you take and why?
well, first i would take my computer, because i can't live without it. plus, if they're advanced enough for space travel, i'm sure they'd be able to hook me up to a wireless internet connection. next i would take my bed, exactly as it is right now, with my ikea sheets, because it is so comfortable that i can hardly sleep anywhere else. finally, i'd take my blanky.

7. name a positive and a negative consequence of keeping your online journal.
positive: it keeps me writing every day (ok, almost every day). i've always wanted to keep a journal, but i have messy handwriting and it always seemed to take so long to write everything down. i type a lot faster than i write, so i've kept with this whole online thing a lot longer than i ever kept a real journal.
negative: i haven't really had any negative consequences.

8. i do a pretty good job of self-censoring myself in my journal, despite my desire to be completely free and uninhibited with what i say. what kind of limitations do you place on yourself when writing?
i don't write mean or inflammatory things about people i know, and i try not to write anything i wouldn't want my family to read, since they do read my weblog. ;-) just kidding, mom! no, really, i keep in mind that regardless of the fact that it's my journal, it's still in the public domain, and anyone who really wants to could find it, connect it to me, and read it. i love keeping my weblog, but i watch what i say because i don't want it to come back and bite me in the ass.

9. when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
i wanted to be a broadway superstar, or a pop singer.

10. are you superstitious? if you are, what are some of the superstitions you have/do? of not, why aren't you?
i'm not really superstitious, per se, but there is one superstition i observe because i'd get my ass kicked if i didn't... you aren't allowed to say the word macbeth inside a theater, except within the context of the actual play. it's supposed to be bad luck, people are supposed to die or get injured or something. i don't believe it, but i observe it anyway.

11. have you met any online friends out in the "real" world? if so, were these positive experiences?
i've met quite a few of my online friends in real life, thanks to the phunky bitches, and they've all been awesome. and this last new years eve, i flew out to philadelphia to meet ericalynn, who was my secret bitch (like secret santa) two years ago. after exchanging emails, we realized that we had an awful lot in common. the week i spent with her (seeing the dsico biscuits) was great. so, i guess my answer is yes, and yes.

12. what's your take on finding love online?
love is found in unexpected places, including on the internet. i think it's definitely something that can happen. i don't think it's something that i'd really explore as an option for myself in the near future, though.

13. name three songs and the significance they each have for you.
first, lover you should have come over by jeff buckley (from the album grace). i'm going to quote john mayer exactly, because he's said it better than i could... " it turns my body inside out so that all my nerves are on the outside of my skin. and it feels like it's too much sometimes." it's my favorite love song ever.

second, limb by limb, by phish (from the album story of the ghost). this song makes me happy no matter how shitty of a mood i'm in.

third, 3x5 by john mayer (from the album room for squares). i love the lyrics to this song... gives me the shivers every time i hear it.

14. do you have a special place you visit when you want to be alone, feel inspired, or need to get away?
when i lived in orange county, i used to love going to disneyland to study. now i'd have to say my room. it's my haven... computer, tv, bed, stereo... that or i go down to west cliff drive, where i walk and take photos and people watch.

15. how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?he would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would if a woodchuck could chuck wood.


miss ellen said...

what a great idea - i wish i had been in on this & i'm sad to see it's closed to new members.
oh well, if you ever see that they've opened it back up, let me know!

dramabug said...

ellen - just do what i did... send the guy runnning it a quick email telling him you'd like to participate when someone drops out. he limited it to 200 people, but when people flake or decide they don't want to do it anymore, he adds new folks. [;-)]

leblanc said...

holy crap that was a lot of questions!!
those are also three of my favorite books ( i love Hesse and Bach), but i have ot say that if i was downloading lots of music, those would NOT be my first choice ;-)
and you went to Disneyland to study???? that's whack. for me, personally, Disneyland is hell on earth: garbage, dirty restrooms, screaming children, overpriced and over advertised merchandise, and lots of nasty junkfood. i know, some peole think that's heaven...
p.s. i love being your online friend!! AND - you HAVE to come over and see our new place in Berkeley!! it's SO MUCH BIGGER than our old craphole!! :-)

miss ellen said...

shite, dude, are you that close to the bay area?
ack, you're in santa cruz, i see, yes, now i remember.
anyhow, i wrote the BABes (including lebland, stoddard & laura k) as i'm heading out there & want to get together with the ladies for a lunch/brunch type thing on april 21st - a sunday. you should totally come up - if you're available.
i haven't gotten any replies on where to meet, but i'll be down in the city on saturday night (i'm staying up in marin the rest of the time), and sunday early afternoon would be great for me.
i'll have to include you on the next email, lady ;)

miss ellen said...

ooops, that's leblanc up there - sorry 'bout that, i'm a wee bit fuzzy this morning!

dramabug said...

ooh, sounds like fun... count me in!

leblanc said...

1:00 sunday, rockridge BART station.
i believe that's what we're shooting for. can you make it?