Sunday, April 7, 2002

john mayer!

ok, so the john mayer show was awesome and amazing, and i had a great time!

when we arrived at the fillmore, there was already a pretty long line, but we ran into some people and hopped into line with them. i had never been to the fillmore before, so when we got in, i was totally amazed.. it's a beautiful venue! we grabbed seats on the leather couches on the right side of the venue, pretty close to the front. the crowd was about 85% women, and i'd say the majority of them were under 20. all there probably to ogle over john. ;-) that's not to say that i wasn't ogling over him as well, but i was there mostly for the music. really, i was!!

the opener, norah jones, came on about 9:10 and played for about 40 minutes. she was good, i'll give her that, and i really liked the first song she did, but plain and simple, it was way too mellow. i was seriously falling asleep by the end of her set, which, in my opinion, it the exact opposite effect you want an opener to have. (then again, i tend to dislike opening acts in general, but that's because i'm spoiled!) john came out and played a song with her, and all the teenage girls screamed like they were at an *nsync concert. it was funny.

john, of course, was fabulous. he played the two songs i wanted to her (3x5 and love song for no one ). he was really high energy, and played for about two hours straight. it was awesome! i was dancing my butt off, although no once else was. that was odd, it was great dancing music and no one was dancing! he did a few short jams, all of which were really good. he was making funny 'trey faces'!!

my only real compliant is the fact that so many people come to shows and talk through the whole fucking thing. listen, people, if you're going to talk during the show, stay home and listen to the cd and give those of us who are there to listen to the music room to dance!

overall, the show rocked my socks off, and i will definitely go see him again the next time he's up here in norcal. ;-)

on an unrelated note, phish on simpsons tonight!!! yay!!


d said...

i am stupid.
was studying here at the library and missed the phab phour on the simpsons. as Homer would no doubt say,
guess i'll have to wait for the rerun. ::sob::
i am stupid